Communion Photography

Madrid - 2023

As a mother, I am passionate about capturing life's most precious moments, and your child's Communion day is no exception! 

Details matter. Those sweet family moments in between the poses.

With an unwavering commitment to quality, I guarantee stunning, emotional, and lasting memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. 

Preserve your child's First Communion with our one-stop photography packages. 

Take the stress off your shoulders! Choose an all inclusive package or design your own. 

Trust Michelle Vaz Photography to preserve this special chapter in your family's story with grace and artistry. 

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2 sessions with Digitals+Prints+Album

This pack includes 2 Sessions:
📷 Portrait Session: Up to 1 hour Child & Family portraits (5 weeks before ceremony)
📷 Ceremony Day: Up to 2 hours celebration photos (group photos after Mass + reception photography)

📔 1 Lux Album (24 pages 25x25cm)
🪞 1 Contemporary Wood Print Wall Art (30x30cm)
🌁 10 Large prints (15x20cm)
🤍 60+ high quality images
💻 Private Online Gallery for sharing
⏳ Up to 3 hours


⏳ Add-on: €100 per additional hour
🌁 Add-on: Souvenirs and favors starting at €10

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📔 1 Linen Album (10 pages 20x20cm)
🪞 1 Contemporary Wood Print Wall Art (30x30cm)
🌁 10 Large prints (15x20cm) with digitals
💻 Online Gallery to choose your favorite photos
🤍 Includes child & family portraits
⏳ Up to 1 hour
✨ In-studio or Outdoors


🌁 Extra Photos: €10 per digital image
⏳ Add-on: €100 per additional hour

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Build your own pack

🤍 10 high quality images of your choice
💻 Online Gallery to choose your favorite photos
⏳ 1 hour session
✨ In-studio or Outdoors


🤍 Session to be scheduled at least 5 weeks before the Communion ceremony to use for Invitations, Souvenirs, Guest Books and more.
📔 Add-on: Lux Album (24 pages 25x25cm) - €130
📔 Add-on: Linen Album (10 pages 20x20cm) - €80
🪞 Add-on: Contemporary Wood Print Wall Art (30x30cm) - €50
🌁 Add-on: Pack of 10 Large prints (15x20cm) - €40

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